CBC Front Page Challenge - Alexander Kerensky
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The Horny Goat
2020-05-24 18:26:56 UTC
Front Page Challenge was a CBC news-related quiz show where 4
panelists (usually Pierre Berton, Gordon Sinclair, Betty Kennedy and a
revolving guest) were given news headlines and a hidden guest who was
connected to the headline and given 30 seconds each to quiz the guest
in an effort to figure out who the hidden guest was.

The show ran for 25+ years in the 60s through 90s (and was considered
iconic in its day) and had some fascinating guests all the way from
Alexander Kerensky through Malcolm X. The Malcolm X show is on Youtube
- I am looking for a copy of the Kerensky show (which I saw live
sometime between my high school junior year and my undergraduate days)
which would have been early 1970s.

Anybody know if it's available anywhere?
2020-05-24 19:16:52 UTC
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The Horny Goat
2020-05-25 00:31:40 UTC
On Sun, 24 May 2020 15:16:52 -0400, Rhino
Post by Rhino
Maybe you could contact the CBC and see if they could restore that
interview to the website if they still have it? Or, if you're certain
you saw Kerensky on Front Page Challenge, you could ask them to hunt for
that clip and make it available on their website?
Given all the tax money we give to the CBC every year, you'd think they
might actually respond favourably to a viewer request like that if they
still have it.
Thanks for the tips. The interest mostly came when I was chatting with
my daughter (who is a Carleton combined honours History / Russian
grad) about videos I thought she might be interested in.

On another occasion she asked me to tell her about "something that
happened in my lifetime but which I'd be too young to remember" (Given
she was born in 1987 that would give me a fair bit to go on)

I suggested "well how about the time President Bush senior barfed on
the Japanese prime minister?" She figured I was teasing her but
checked Youtube after I insisted I was serious. She quickly found the
clip and was amazed. She likes sushi so I said "See what happens when
you eat bad sushi?"