How the West can rid itself of Islam
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2021-04-07 00:18:59 UTC
Deport the SOB, that is, after he's done some time:

This Trojan horse invasion continues WHY? Moslems and Islam are of course
synonymous with terror! It was and is a CRIME to allow Moslems in. Every
politician is obligated to know the history of foreign people they bring in.
If they had done even a little bit of study they would have found a
bloodthirsty people, full of hate and terrorism.

Mohammad invented this sort of invasion by stealth, centuries-old and still
used today. The success of their bloodlust carnage is that Moslem have made
their calendar year beginning AD 622...
How the West can rid itself of Islam:

Vigorously prosecute all those involved in polygamy, forced marriage,
"honor" violence or female genital mutilation.

Reintroduce sedition laws (where repealed) and prosecute all transgressors
and enablers.

Legislate Western culture and value sets as dominant.

Prohibit all manifestations of sharia law and all dissemination and advocacy
of sharia law.

Abolish sharia courts where they exist.

Remove charitable status from mosques and other Muslim money-raising

Remove all restrictions on freedom of speech except for incitement to
violence; repeal all hate speech laws.

Stop all further immigration, including immigration based on family

Muslims may privately owe their religious loyalty to Islam, however they
must publicly declare their civic loyalty to their country of citizenship.

Ban the public call to prayer.

Disperse groups praying in the street or other public places.

Deport all foreign-born convicted terrorists, regardless of human rights

Former and new immigrants must sign a Pledge of Allegiance to a stated set
of values, under threat of losing their citizenship/ immigrant status and
being deported for breaking the pledge.

Naturalized citizens who have violated the criminal code will be
de-naturalized and deported.

Reclaim universities, schools, churches, the media, local councils, the
civil service and the professions. This requires an ideological purge, in
which advocates of anti-Western and pro-Islam ideologies are removed from
their posts in educational, cultural and media institutions.

Institute a counter-multiculturalism ideology in the schools and society,
teaching the people that multiculturalism is an ideology aimed at
dismantling our culture.

Repeal all laws, programs, and policies that advance group rights and
multiculturalism. Everyone is equal under the law and there is no basis for
making some more equal than others based on their skin color or religion.

Discard the history books which describe our culture and civilization as one
of genocide and oppression. Rebuild the national identities of our children
via the teaching of unbiased truth thus allowing them possession of a
cultural heritage without shame.

Promote each Western country's national language as the language of
government and require immigrants to learn it within a given time period.

Encourage family values and child-rearing to reverse our demographic

Prohibit foreign countries from financing, investing in and contributing to
all religious, cultural and educational institutions.

Outlaw sharia-compliant financial instruments.

Outlaw Islamic state ownership of sensitive Western assets such as stock
exchanges, ports, security firms, defense contractors and such.

Declare that Islam is incompatible with 21st century, secular, liberal

Monitor mosques for content and close mosques found to be promoting
terrorism, sedition or homophobic violence.

Stop the building of any new mosques funded by foreign states.

Remove local government funding for all radical Muslim organizations and
associations in the public sphere.

Expel all foreign-born imams.

Legislate to ensure all domestic imams speak the native language within the

Obtain reciprocity from all Islamic countries with respect to existing
foreign-funded mosques in each country (i.e., for existing mosques to remain
open, demand the right for equivalent numbers of churches/ synagogues in
respective countries).

Obtain reciprocal rights to proselytize in each Islamic trading country.

Obtain reciprocal rights for foreigners visiting Islamic countries including
freedoms related to dress codes, food and liquor consumption, property
ownership, right to worship and others.

Confiscate all Western-held funds for Islamic states that finance terrorism
and promote sharia in the West.

Limit child benefit to a maximum of two children.

Make tax evasion and benefit fraud deportable offences.

Since one eighth of zakat goes to jihad make it illegal or at the very least
remove its charitable status.

Regularly inspect takeaways and curry houses for environmental health and
safety and immigration status of employees.

Taxi drivers as part of licensing process to be checked and refused licenses
if found to have criminal records. DNA sample to be taken at application as
they often use brothers and cousins.

No use of translators or signs in foreign languages.

Set up tax task force to tackle tax fraud of businesses paid in cash, and a
special database to tackle insurance fraud.

Set up money laundering task force.

Seizure of family assets for not informing authorities of jihadis in family.

Reform Council Tax to better represent numbers of adults in family
accommodation, e.g., a 25% surcharge for every adult over 18 where more than
2 in a house.

All streets and buildings with Islamic names to be renamed.

Money transfers to Islamic countries to be vetted/ taxed and provable as
being from legitimate source, otherwise seized.

Make harboring or employment of illegal immigrants a deportable offence and/
or subject to confiscation of assets.

Any GP providing false information on medical certificates for insurance
claims or to prevent deportation to be struck off GMC.

Abolish the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Make it illegal to marry cousins and deport any immigrant who does so.

End 'positive discrimination' (Affirmative Action) in employment, etc.

Increase costs of soft courses such as Islamic studies/ cultural studies/
media studies and use the money to subsidize hard sciences, technology,
engineering, etc.

Council houses to be allocated not on basis of need but on local roots and
time spent on waiting list.

Cash inducements for voluntary repatriation.

Immigrant sex offenders to be deported.

Disbar Muslims from employment at airports and other security sensitive

Support India in combating jihad.

Put legal height restriction on mosques; minarets above this height to be

No further mosques to be built.

Any Muslim going abroad on jihad should not be allowed back into the

Friends, relatives and associates of Muslims found guilty of spreading
sedition etc. to be investigated. If there is reasonable suspicion that they
knew about the activity of the guilty person and did not inform the
authorities, then they too should be deported.

Shut down Muslim-only prayer rooms in public spaces (universities, airports,
hospitals etc.).

Withdraw the right to citizenship through birth (perhaps make it dependent
on at least one grandparent born in the UK).

End dual citizenship.

Close down mosques and Muslim facilities in prisons.

Keep Muslim prisoners separate from others.

Ban halal slaughter/ meat.

Ban the burka/hijab.

Elect new leaders dedicated to implementing the above measures.

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This Trojan horse invasion continues WHY? Moslems and Islam are of course
synonymous with terror! It was and is a CRIME to allow Moslems in.
Fuck off, you whiny little squat-to-piss bitch.
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Deport the SOB
The question is, how can the west rid itself of racist neo-Nazi terrorists like you?