Brandenburg-Prussia of 1740 is ISOT'ed to the Europe of 1618
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2017-06-08 01:05:24 UTC
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...right after Frederick the Great's Accession to the throne.
Alex Milman
2017-06-08 02:31:38 UTC
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Post by Rob
...right after Frederick the Great's Accession to the throne.
Young Fritz inherited from his father an army of 80,000 best drilled soldiers
in Europe. Taking into an account the progress made since the beginning of the
30YW, this is not even funny.

At the battle of White Mountain the Catholic League had 27K and at least 1/3
of the infantry at that time had been pikemen with the musketeers being arranged
in 10 rows. Baginet was not known. Prior to the Swedish entry into the war
(which was considerably later), artillery did not play any significant role on a battlefield.

Fritz would be able to march wherever he wanted and defeat any potential
enemy with a minimal effort.